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Father Carrying Child Outdoors


For unmarried MEN, the stresses of Fatherhood can be compounded by a Mother whom routinely interferes with you and your child(ren)'s lives by denying contact or trading contact for money. It is a reality that far too many face.

Additionally, far too many Mothers shoulder the burden of raising children (whether financial or timeshare) when the Father is absentee or inconsistent with their responsibilities.

Even when put on child support by the Florida Department of Revenue, Men gain NO PARENTAL RIGHTS over their children. Before filing for Paternity (which under Florida law is a MUST) have your timeshare and child support agreements sorted out and save THOUSANDS in fees and costs by Mediating. 

Whether pre-suit or post-filing, Watson Leigh has been practicing and/or Mediating family law cases for over 10 years. 

Watson Leigh Mediates Pro se or Attorney represented Paternity cases. Give us a call or email today.

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