Founding Partner

Danielle Watson, originally from Central Michigan is a Spartan though and through. A former financial services professional, Danielle understands, like many women in law, that -isms belie much of how our society operates.

Also, as Co-CEO of Dapple Pay Wallet, L.L.C., Danielle is a leading force in destroying latent negative attitudes towards and about women in law and in tech.


Founding Partner

Malik is 'Known in these Streets!' As the most vocal litigator of the Firm, Malik matches passion with advocacy. A favorite hated target of right-wing media, judges, and bias seeking attorneys, Malik's positive aggression is despised by those seeking to do others harm.

Originally from California, Malik grew up in a military family. Having lived all over the world, Malik brings a degree of sophistication and experience to his practice. Malik practices Family Law, Social Justice Advocacy, and is a High School Law and History Teacher.



Director of Grievances

Aka "Naldo," Ronaldo is our Chief Executive and the true wheels that make Watson Leigh go around. 

Also, the inspiration for the Dapple Pay logo, Naldo is 14 years young and can run with the best of em.

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