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What's happening on the United States's southern border is a complete and total disgrace. It is ABSOLUTELY a violation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and it utterly shocks the conscious for its deliberate racial targeting.

Ever since Donald Trump became president, right wing americans from all corners of the country have taken their populist/nationalistic aim at defenseless; mostly non-white residents, citizens, immigrants, and asylum seekers, in an aim to make the united states less diverse. And they are succeeding.

Below is an audio, released on June 18, 2018, of children crying and begging for their parents. It is painful to listen to, because all of us that are parents can imagine our own children crying out for us in fear. This practice of holdings children and families in for-profit prisons, is being done simply as a "deterrent" to seeking asylum in the united states; a very legal practice.

WL Bail Hearing Campaign Video~ America the Beautiful

Courtesy of Pro Publica

There are dozens of Immigration Attorneys in south texas, florida, california, arizona, and new mexico trying to help, but many more are needed. Both Danielle and Malik have stood on call at Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami International Airports for Middle Eastern travelers being illegally detained by US Customs and Border Patrol officers profiling for Muslims in 2017.


We, and many hundreds more Immigration attorneys are needed. Please Donate if you can what you can. Donations are not used to pay salaries, but general expenses, like loging, supplies, (paper, ink, battery chargers, rental vehicles, and gas) and posting bail. Both Danielle and Malik assist Immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and their children here in florida, but we also plan to make a few trips to the southwest border areas as well if needed. With the identification of many "tender aged" facilities located in Florida, we will have enough on our plates to help families after posting bail, to locate their children.


Each dollar will be stretched to the limit. If you cannot donate, please share this website page as far and wide as possible.

We will keep a running total of the amounts collected here on our website.  As a non-profit, you ABSOLUTELY can get a receipt for a tax deductible gift. (retain for your tax preparer as the charitible deduction rules have changed for 2018). We are one of the little guys, but it's usually the little guys that do the most work. 

Thank you all for your emails, calls, social media posts, and words of encouragement.

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If you choose to mail your donation, please mail to:

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Donations go to immigration services, attorney supplies, transportation, and/or emergency child location services and expenses.
WL is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit Legal Services Firm. Donations are Tax Deductible