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Under NO circumstances should you mess with this stuff!


Sadly, here in South Florida: the state where people come to be "Real Estate Rich," many home "flippers" and "buy the block" missionaries bargain with your health, safety, and welfare by covering up and renting mold infested apartment, condos, and rentals. Often these SLUMLORDS pray on the most vulnerable citizens; those whom they can bully because they are one step away from homelessness, by threatening to evict them if they do not keep quiet. Often people weigh this threat of homelessness against treating their lingering cough, malaise, tiredness, and extreme respiratory problems. Forget calling your local health department or even the state; that will do you no good. Discrimination is rampant. Minorities (Black and Latinos) will get absolutely NO ASSISTANCE from Government. 

There are many strains of mold that can effect you and our children. Your landlord will try to call it "mildew." Your landlord will either himself or herself suggest bleach or wipe it down with bleach. In the most EXTREME cases, your SLUMLORD will actually paint over it. NONE OF THESE WORK!  There is not a chemical known to MANKIND that you can spray to completely destroy a mold intrusion. (Its like working out to get leaner legs but the rest of you is still fat!)


Mold related illness is a lingering and deadly game to play with. And this has a DRAMATIC effect on pets as well (dogs and cats).

If you have Mold related problems at your apartment, condo, or rental, or you have been sickened, contact us IMMEDIATELY at 561.508.8555, 888.399.0678, or in the Contacts. Subject line: Mold

Malik Leigh SPECIFICALLY handles Mold related cases with urgency (with children).

**And who knows, if you're lucky, your landlord may even call the police when he shows up to intimidate you!   DBR Nov. 29, 2018

This page specifically is being constructed to add a national database of mold infested rental properties, their management companies/owners, and Medical Professionals who have specific knowledge in testing and treating for Mold Related Illnesses.


Mold on walls and in your home ABSOLUTELY does affect your furry family members. These ailments lead to a painful and often shortened life. Every Vet will tell you that dogs and cats are sensitive and fragile. They are animals JUST LIKE WE ARE! They can get sick too. They may not cough the same, but they get sick in much the same ways. Short exposure can lead to quick sickness and death.


Stay informed. 

** By request, we are adding a sample "Tenant's Notice to Landlord of Intent to Withhold Rent" .pdf for Florida residents who are living in rental units where their landlords absolutely REFUSE to make contracted repairs, and the units have become untenable. It is always best to seek legal advice BEFORE withholding rent, and it should not be used to force a personal action. It is also a good idea to have this form notarized in the event you use it.

click on image

Steps to Withholding Rent

  1. The FIRST step is to DEMAND that all of the necessary work be done. Landlord MUST get notice of the problem and given a reasonable amount of time to do the work.

  2. If the Landlord refuses, depending on the work that needs to be done, present them with a "Tenant's Notice to Landlord of Intent to Withhold Rent."

  3. Chapter 83 of the Florida Landlord Tenant Act explains that tenants can withhold rent in situations where landlords refuse to make habitability related repairs. The Rats, Roaches, Mold, Asbestos containing chipped floor tiles, badly leaking tubs and toilets, and destroyed walls are all reasons to withhold rent. 


Because of F.S. 83.64, The Office Manager CANNOT Retaliate.   If they do, Call US!!

Click on the Photo and download the entire form with the instructions. Either give a copy to someone in the office, or better, email or mail by certified mail to the office. Make a copy for yourself, and FILL OUT THE REPAIRS NEEDED. (If you don't, your notice is incomplete). 

**Information is not to be taken as legal advice. PLEASE contact an experienced Attorney for guidance.

Tenant's Notice to Landlord of Intention