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*Watson Leigh Mediation uses Zoom Virtual Meeting software. Desktop to Desktop or laptop computers. It may be necessary to download the Zoom App if clients want to use their mobile devices's video camera. Otherwise, their conference will be audio only. 

the Zoom App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Schedule Your Mediation|Consultation

Video Mediation and Consultation

Watson Leigh has performed video Mediation Services for many years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, so we are proficient in its use and its effectiveness. So most of our mediations are conducted via Zoom.

For in-person Mediations more than 70 miles from home, we will schedule and charge a full day, including travel costs.

Watson Leigh has performed video Family Court Mediation Services for years now (typically with relocation and DV related matters). We also conduct Family Court Mediations on weekends. (Call or email for availability before booking)

*Your scheduled Mediator will send the parties an invite URL for the Zoom Mediation or Consultation directing them to their private room. All consultations or Family Court mediations must be paid for within 24 hours of confirmed meeting date or they will be canceled.

ALL Consultations and Mediations are CONFIDENTIAL and privileged pursuant to Florida Bar Rule 4-1.6 and any all applicable Family and Circuit Mediation ethics rules from all applicable Jurisdictions across the United States. 

Mediation Costs

Weekday Mon-Fri          8:30am-6pm                      $450hr min 2hrs ($225.00 per party)

*Mediation costs are typically split between the parties unless agreed otherwise.

**Please notify Mediator if there is an open Domestic Violence Injunction.

***Please attach CMO/Trial Orders with scheduling request email.

Payment is due no later than 24 hours of the scheduled mediation. 
Last minute scheduling (emergencies or expedited within 48 hours) are $500hr (min 2 hrs)
Invoices will be emailed after scheduling and|or the conclusion of mediation.

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