On March 18, 2020 the Federal Government announced that it was suspending all foreclosure and eviction actions for 60 days. Various police departments around the country and Florida followed suit with announcements that they too were discontinuing the enforcement of eviction actions. However, these moratorium ONLY appy to mortgage holders, not residential renters.


Additionally, Florida Governor Ron De Santis issued Emergency Orders 20-52 and 20-68; all but forcing most of the economy of Florida to come to a grinding halt. With millions of Florida's residential renters Orderd to remain home, nearly all are still responsible for their residential lease payments, despite hardship relief being made available to mortgage holding landlords. 


In response, many community activists and housing advocates jointly signed a letter to the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court asking that he issue an Administrative Order halting the processing of eviction actions against Florida's residential renters.  Legal Aid Society of Broward County Letter here.   Other community advocacy groups like Community Justice Project in Miami, Florida requested from the Chief Judge of the Eleventh Circuit to do the same; halt the processing of all summary procedure actions against Miami-Dade renters. See CJP's letter here.  

Watson Leigh equally submitted a letter to the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court to halt the processing of eviction actions against Florida residential renters.  See WL's Letter here.

Lastly, Watson Leigh has created a resident specific "Hardship Letter" for Florida Residential Renters that provides an affirmative defense against eviction actions you may face. To prepare this letter we will need specific information and documents from you regarding your rental. These items are to be served to your landlord together (as well as our sending it via certified mail). Because this is RESIDENT (Lease holder(s) SPECIFIC, and due to the circumstances, we are charging only $105.00 per processing and mailing. This fee is going towards 2 things: 1. Certified Mail expense, 2. To help with mold testing. This charge is NON-NEGOTIABLE. (But you are helping others)

WL's Hardship Letters are for ANY Residential Leaseholder (private home, apartment complex, Condo Association, etc.) 

Cost is PER LETTER PROCESSED. (multiple leaseholders or "roomates" account for a single letter to be sent)

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