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As a Non-Profit Community Law Firm, our firm concentrates on educating and informing the community so that when we are needed, the community has already started on the correct path.  Our Law Camps and Adult Civil Rights Seminars are how we stay committed to our ethos.    

We don't know everything, and everyone has something to contribute.  So drop us an email and give us a suggestion.  If there is something you want us to bring attention to, let us know.  And if you would like for us to come and speak at your school, organizational program, or invite us to attend a community function, by all means, let us know.  

(If we come, we will speak our minds!  Its just something we do!)

Watson Leigh - 2019 Pro-Se Family Law Seminar Series

Stay tuned for scheduling

As Family, Juvenile and Dependency, and Social Justice Attorneys, as well as Family Court Mediators, we are aware that in this current environment, many cannot afford the cost of legal representation in Family Court matters.

It is our opinion that EVERYONE should have representation when facing a family Court matters involving children. However, we realize that in reality, this is not feasible. 


Therefore, as Attorneys, it should be our responsibility to help mitigate many of these impediments to in the least, valuable information. So we are scheduling a spring and back-to-school 

pro-se family court seminar series in Palm Beach County, Broward, and Miami-Dade. The Cost will be $50.00 per person, and we will cover a limited number of discussion topics, to save time for more specific questions many have.

Seating will usually be limited (50-100 persons) and will take place on either Tuesdays or Thursday evenings. 

Stay tuned for time, date, and locations.

Coming in Fall 2019


A guide to protecting your family

This Fall, join the attorneys of Watson Leigh, along with regional 'Tenant's Rights Orgs and Advocates, Health and Medical Experts, Residential Environmental Specialists, and invited speakers to our 2019 "Know Your Rights" mini Law Camp:

Fighting Slumlords

Learn how to be an educated citizen, how to navigate Florida's Landlord-Tenant Act, the extreme dangers of living with mold, and how to protect yourself and your family.

Know Your Rights!

Stay tuned for specific dates and locations for this upcoming camp.

Introducing the

Watson Leigh Center for Social Justice

Pine Ridge Hospital Est. 1916

Originally built and opened in April 1916 by West Palm Beach's Black Citizens who were denied medical services by the "White's Only" hospitals in the area, Pine Ridge Hospital served as the only "Black" hospital for the surrounding 5 counties bordering Palm Beach County.

We hope to purchase and restore this nationally recognized, but severely damaged building by asking the Community to assist however much they can so it again can stand strong as the rock in the community.

Tax-Deductible Donations can be made Here (list donations as "Center")

       BECAUSE WE NEED IT, the Watson Leigh Center for Social Justice will serve the greater South Florida region as the central hub for Civil Rights litigation matters. Whether its addressing and litigating unequal education delivered by Florida Schools Districts because of Race or Ethnicity (Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade, Opa-Locka, St. Petersburg. . . etc); the non-prosecutions of South Florida Police officers who aggressively shoot unarmed innocent citizens; advocating for more transparency in prosecution procedures involving police misconduct; and advocating for citizens who are unfairly being removed from their homes by City Governments using their CRA's, Nuisance Abatement Boards, and racially motivated Code Enforcement actions, Watson Leigh and partnering groups, stand to provide necessary Social Justice assistance for our ignored and underserved community.

       Additionally, the Watson Leigh Center for Social Justice seeks to include the first National Memorial for Victims of Police Violence (name to be determine at a later date). This interactive Memorial will stand as a permanent tribute to the lives lost to senseless police violence nationwide, and provide education and resource services to affected families and professionals dealing with their own losses.  When the individual protest marches end, and we know they will, the National Memorial for Victims of Police Violence will stand as a permanent physical "Protest" to complacent lawmakers and law enforcement on behalf of families of victims of police and government aggression.

       Lastly, because it is important, the Watson Leigh Center for Social Justice will provide in-house education services for South Florida's young people who are most likely to come in contact with over-aggressive police officers.  By promoting and providing these services, we hope to educate the community, save lives, and promote fairness and justice for those underserved and ignored citizens most likely to face police violence and unequal governmental services.

***Donations for the Watson Leigh Center for Social Justice are being held by PNC Bank in Pompano Beach, FL. ***