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         In the summer of 2021, a US Supreme Court's antitrust ruling forced the NCAA to change its stance on Student Athletes earning an income from their Current Economic Value, States across the country, started changing their own laws to protect the viability of their schools to entice and retain high prized student athletes. 

         Now that many States' laws have gone into effect (16), Student Athletes, as well as high valued highschool prospects and their parents, can negotiate on equal footing, the value of their (their kids') image rights and various other commercially marketable and income generating rights with the schools.


         This is a victory for hundreds of thousands of Student Athletes to now be able to not only earn a living while in, for many, the prime of their athletic lives, but to take advantage of their education opportunities, without having to worry about "going to the pros" early to make money.

         And in the end, its all about "sharing" the income generated by the work and sacrifices of the Student Athletes and their families.


         Watson Leigh is here to help Student Athletes (and potentially their families or legal guardians) navigate and optimize their current and future economic value. Our team of business attorneys are former Student Athletes themselves who understand that in this new internet/social media age, that image rights often generate more than ticket sales or TV deals. That means potentially 4 years of earnings while in college.


Main Areas of Focus


  • Name and Image Rights (including School publications)

  • Product Endorsement (on and off the field)

  • e-Sports Negotiation (video games)

  • Social Media Marketing, Personal Appearances, and other

  • Growing your marketing stock before the next level

  • Female Athletes can take advantage of the fewer pro opportunities while in college (Softball, Volleyball, Track, Gymnastics, Basketball)

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