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Danielle Watson, Esq.
Malik Leigh, Esq.

Before Law School, Danielle and Malik both worked in the finance and banking industries and routinely speak at financial literacy and financial competency seminars.

My fear was not of death itself, but of a death without meaning."
- Huey P. Newton

How Does a Lawyer Operate as a Business Consultant? 

Well, we know how WE do it! 

We assist in Contract Review and Construction. We attend meetings where potential financial deals or transactions may occur. We do market research in specific business sectors to ensure whether a business commitment is the best or greatest maximization of capital, and we assist in legitimate businss formation and structuring.

Watson Leigh's Attorneys have extensive experience in Business Information Systems, Financial Servics, and Business Development; especially with new business owners and first time business self-employed entrepreneurs. 

Contract Review and Construction/Drafting

Group Business Literacy and Competency Seminars

Professional and Non-Profit Corporation Formation Consulting

Assistance with Licensing and Professonal Service Contracts